Imagine the clarity in knowing exactly who you are, where to focus your energy right now and how to mentally prepare for what’s next.

Envision the confidence to conquer hidden fears and PURSUE YOUR PASSION unapologetically.

Expect a sudden infusion of cash flow to call the shots and travel anywhere you desire to GO!


You possess the power to:

  • look confidently
  • speak confidently
  • walk confidently
  • think confidently
  • act confidently
  • live confidently

I am not in the sugar coating business! As a certified image and impact coach my mission is to empower you to crush every limiting belief that is holding you back from attaining limitless possibilities.

Why am I relentless about seeing fearful females transform into beautifully brave leading ladies? I am intimately acquainted with how a state of confusion will instantly paralyze your progress. I have wrestled day and night with feelings of inadequacy. There have been countless missed opportunities because I was afraid to reach out and seize them! In times past, I allowed the bitter drink of disappointments to rob my soul of many joyous moments.

Each of us encounter pivotal and life altering moments that change the course of our lives. On December 6, 1999, I was laid off from being the Women’s Information and Referral Counselor at the local Homeless Shelter.

After spending a year and a half caring for these ladies it was more than a job it was an honor to nurture, heal and encourage their hearts. Yet, it was a wake- up call. Instinctively, I decided from that day forward I would never allow any person, place or thing to dictate my sole earning potential. My unwavering focus would be to start designing a freedom based lifestyle one bold action step at a time.

Honey, dreams don’t work unless you do! Have you prepared your portfolio for when the green light flashes and it is time for you to get up and GO forward?

Client Kudos

“Kristie Kennedy is a Master Momentum Life Coach. Through her coaching she has insight that exposes the blind side that keeps individuals stuck. She can see deep within and pull out the very thing individuals will need to move forward in life. She uses Wisdom and practical examples that fit your situation like a glove. If you feel stuck in an area and need coaching to get un-stuck and began moving in the right direction, she’s your go-to Life Coach.!!!”

– Montriel Alls –

I am here to challenge you to courageously take a leap of faith while standing in the face of fear!

You must act as if success is inevitable no matter how many times doubt threatens your progress.

Do you know how to navigate through funnels of frustration and allow them to fuel you forward into new dimensions of ascension?

Listen, I understand exactly where you are. I still remember as if it were yesterday. As a secretary at one of the local universities, I would park my car about a mile away from my office. During my morning walk to work, internally my heart continuously whispered glass shattering thoughts, “There has to be more to life than this! I don’t want to merely exist! Something has got to give!”

After going through the monotony and feeling like a caged lion for six years the curiosity to launch into the deep waters of entrepreneurship was nerve racking. In order to discover a world of adventure I had never known, I would have to step outside my comfort zone.

Peter Drucker, one of the most innovative entrepreneurs stated,

“The best way to predict the future is to CREATE IT.”

Client Kudos

“Kristie is a dynamic, spirit led woman who uses her gifts to empower other women to do the same. She is genuine and FULL OF LIFE! She is a source of encouragement, an ear and a push when I wanted to quit or felt unworthy to be great. Her vibrant personality draws you in like a magnet and her transparent nature always has me with tissues on hand. If you haven’t interacted with her as of yet, what are you waiting for?”

– Consuela –

Research shows that most women do not lack competence, they lack the confidence necessary to ask for a promotion they secretly desire, negotiate assertively during a sales conversation, make a life changing decision, or charge what they believe they are truly worth.

Small changes lead to BIG BREAKTHROUGHS!

In order to create a passion for action you must be willing to take ownership of the role you play in creating the life of your dreams. It is your responsibility. You can complain or you can change!

Client Kudos

“Your coaching style is very impactful, insightful and influential. It has brought an awareness of my unique attributes, how they come into play for my captive audience and target market. It has helped me to specialize which has made me more productive and efficacious. Once you know who you are called to and for what purpose then you can prioritize your efforts. Time is for purpose. You always model purposeful action, ideas and how to think purposefully. Thank you!”

– Aligna –

I am here to tell you, that the blame game is highly ineffective. I am a no-nonsense coach who is lased focused on creating rapid results.

Intuitively, I am keenly aware of the many masks that fear hides behind to keep most women stuck in old stories. Which we call excuses. There is a wonderful world full of beautiful people, places and things that wait to be seen if you would dare to BELIEVE!

Marva Collins stated, “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it!” I have it framed on my home office wall. It is a constant reminder that the best days of my life are intentionally created by design and not stumbled upon by default.

Consider where you are at this very second and ponder for a moment a more powerful you at the end of our journey as collaborators of transformation:

  • Can you see a more radiant woman, who knows who she is and where she is going?
  • Can you see her boldly speaking in front of large audience after conquering fear?
  • Can you see her walking off the dead end job she absolutely hates?
  • Can you see her dismantling every toxic relationship that depletes her energy?
  • Can you see her confidently establishing boundaries and taking a stand for personal values?
  • Can you see her loving herself fully and attracting the right mate who honors her worth?
  • Can you see her gracefully handling any difficulties that arise without warning?
  • Can you see her playing by the rules she writes?
  • Can you see her achieving new goals and creating massive impact?
  • Can you see her living life with a new found freedom of expression and a brand new perspective?


Client Kudos

“We have attended and completed a number of programs/workshops, we have never before encountered such a level of excellence.

Our initial goal was to ensure our daughter’s confidence and image would be conducive to finding and internship/employment within her chosen field of broadcast journalism. Her work experiences were in sales and her desire was to increase her experience in the production and filming side of broadcast journalism.

The experience in each coaching session with Kristie was superior; she provided guidance and direction on developing a resume, business card, and performing mock interviews in and innovative way. She provided useful insights on character traits, positive affirmations and image boarding. All of these tasks were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. Within three weeks an internship was secured.”

– Renee –

IT’S TIME TO AMPLIFY: Intensify, Fortify, Multiply and Occupy!

Elevate to great by committing to 90 Days of Massive Action and Accountability

This online coaching support system is designed for emerging female leaders who are READY to inspire, impact and implement their big ideas by taking bite sized steps every day.

  • Be empowered to deconstruct mental road blocks and create simple success strategies for massive momentum.
  • Be empowered to deconstruct mental road blocks and create simple success strategies for massive momentum.
  • Obtain a complimentary copy of Aim for Greatness ebook and audio recording, a confidence building tool to combat internal fears and self-sabotaging thought patterns.
  • Daily peak performance training videos to reinforce massive action towards GIANT goal execution

Week 1: Magnificent Mindset Mastery

Learn how to monitor and alter self-defeating thought patterns. A successful mind, produces successful outcomes.

Week 2: Discover Internal Values and Motivation

Uncover specific areas of thinking that is hindering your personal growth and development. Gain masterful insight into how to think from the future as a visionary leader. Identify what innately drives you!

Week 3: Life By Design and Not Default

The foundation must be secure if you plan to build a lasting legacy. We will design a clear vision that will allow you to live intentionally day by day. You have the power to write one of the most captivating stories of all time!

Week 4: Face Your Fears and Fortify Your FOCUS!

Most people stop at start! Not you! In order to keep moving forward during challenging times intensify your efforts. Everything you desire is on the opposite side of fear. I dare you to CROSSOVER!

Week 5: Embrace your Divine Purpose

We can easily celebrate the greatness in others and yet be oblivious to our own. It’s time to embrace your divine purpose and impact the world with your brilliance. Embracing all that you are called to be and to do will enable you to tap into your innate power and operate from a place of authority rather than insecurity.

Week 6: Managing Your Emotions

There is a famous quote that says, “You have what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got!” In the midst of hot pursuit you can guarantee that a host of negative emotions will come to the surface of your mind. It is essential that you are equipped with internal strategies to combat them one by one. A quiet mind can win any war and defeat any foe.

Week 7: Techniques to Increase Productivity

The result of this profound awareness will increase your productivity exponentially. As you cultivate a greater value for self and time your ability to select activities more aligned with your priorities will improve. You will learn the value of keeping an action accountability log to monitor weekly milestones.

Week 8: Cultivate Inner Confidence

If you desire to cultivate a lifestyle of taking decisive action your vision has to become crystal clear until every fear is irrelevant. We will review your morning routine and how to check in with yourself frequently. Learn how to master the power of affirmative based thoughts and positive self-talk.

Week 9: Clear the Clutter

During this week you are now ready to declutter every area of your life. We are going to walk through each room of your home, your heart and your head to make sure there is adequate space for the new and improved you!

Week 10: Mega Money Makeover

Complete an image assessment to ensure all marketing material is communicating your core message with confidence and clarity to incite cash infusion into your creative ideas. Engage in exercises that sharpen your public speaking abilities. There is a language of leading ladies that you will learn to utilize in your life.

Week 11: The Sacred Call to Daily Discipline

We will review your current daily disciplines and assess the effectiveness of current time management plan. Identify any areas of your work/life depleting your energy and replace with activities that replenish your spirit.

Week 12: Manifesting Miracles, Money and Massive Momentum

Seeds of expectation will produce a harvest of manifestation and celebration. As a result of the inner work that you have diligently focused on prepare to receive abundantly. You are highly attractive to outsiders glancing in and the internal shift positions you to elevate from surviving to thriving.

And As A Special Gift….

Bonus:  Invitation to be a featured guest on the Massive Momentum Radio show to share your success story and a featured interview in Queenfidence Empowerment Magazine.

At the beginning of each month of the 90 day program you will have access to our exclusive Fire Queen Alliance success empowerment call. This sacred space has been created for you to interact directly with me and obtain laser focused coaching to shift you from stuck to unstoppable. Together we make MEGA moves in minutes!

The call to leadership is filled with challenge, excitement and wild adventures that require the hidden you to emerge and take flight!

Are you really happy with the direction you are heading in? Research shows that 70 % of Americans are unhappy, uninspired and emotionally disconnected from their jobs. It was not long ago that I was overworked and underpaid in corporate America. My stress level was sky high to the point I would break out in hives. I was going above and beyond the call of duty and my reward was a pink slip. If I did not create a new vision for my life and ascend from within I would have remained stuck in a sea of stagnancy. In simple terms: a lack of advancement. You may not be able to control what happens to you in life but you can control your response.

I always tell myself, “You can live magnificently in the face of adversity!”

Every morning we are presented with the opportunity to decide whether we will be powerful or powerless. Who you are tomorrow is determined by how you show up today!

Are you ready to flaunt your own shade of brilliance and work with a master of motivation with proven, effective and fast acting results?

This present moment is all that you have, right here and right now! I am here to stoke your fire, not choke your deep desires. I am boldly living out my dream life every day! Many years before I met my husband I wrote in a vision book specific qualities I desired to see in my future husband and he is beyond what I imagined! If you can SEE it, you can SEIZE it! Give yourself permission to pursue your passion and take massive action!

There is a Fun, Fearless and Fabulous life waiting on you to Go. See. Do. All the world is a stage are you ready to claim your space? The future is NOW! DISCOVER who you have not yet become.



Wellness for Workaholics

90 Minute Emotional Resilience Coaching Session       

Do you feel like you are on the verge of giving up? Are you tired of going around in circles? If it seems as if life is handing you more than you can bear, the ER is perfect for you! During this private coaching call you will find clarity in the midst of confusion, confidence in the midst of calamity and creative solutions to navigate through your current crisis. You are stronger than you believe! Let’s conquer this mountain together!

I’m Ready to Elevate to Great! Investment  $350.00

Questions? Book a 15 minute transformation conversation with me now.

6 Week Self-Restoration Coaching Program

Have you ever said to yourself, “I need a day between Saturday and Sunday?” Do you wake up looking in the mirror only to find your passion long gone? Is it hard to recognize the person you have become? Discover the art of setting boundaries, playing by the rules you write and infusing well-being into every aspect of your world. Now is the time to re-design your life, re-align your purpose and re-ignite the fire that once blazed in your heart! Let’s navigate through this valley together!

I’m Ready to Elevate to Great! Investment $2500.00

Questions? Book a 15 minute transformation conversation with me now.

Professional Credentials

Certified Impact Coach, Impact Coaching Academy
Certified Life Coach, Life Coach Institute of Orange County
Certified Life Coach, JTS Advisors
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, American Association of Fitness Professionals
Certified Trainer, Center for Teacher Effectiveness
Certified Image Consultant, FAB University
Licensed Image Consultant, Aveda Institute Tallahassee

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