The top two human fears are failure and rejection. What if we could reframe the word failure and say that it is merely a resistance test. A pop quiz to see how fast you are able to bounce back from adversity. Disappointments are designed to unearth hidden treasures buried within our souls and we must courageously dig deep to bring them forth. Research shows individuals who have high self-esteem handle hardships with greater ease than those with low self-worth.

As a leader you must remember someone is always searching for the light of truth, hope and direction that dwells inside you. As a city set on a hill, you don’t have the luxury to dwell in pity, you don’t have the luxury to wait on perfect timing, you don’t have the luxury of making excuses, you don’t have the luxury of being mediocre and you don’t have the luxury of living afraid. Those are costly amenities consumed by the lackadaisical.

Maybe the only reason you’re exhausted is that you’ve been living too close to the ground. You’ve tried crawling, walking and running but tell me this have you considered soaring? In the words of Erin Hanson, “There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky, and you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”

It’s time to redefine, realign and redesign your life one brilliant thought and one bold action step at a time.

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