The first step I want you to take is to write out exactly where you are presently. What do you like about your life? Be as specific as possible. Clarity leads to confidence.

I always say, “Nothing massive ever occurred by being passive.”

When I am ready for an overhaul. I instantly create a vision board of what I want. Currently I currently have 12 vision boards on my office wall, placed up high so I can see them every day. It is a proven formula to manifesting your deepest desires. What you think about you bring about.

Once you see what you want and boldly say it out loud, you must be prepared to courageously seize it! In between seeing and saying is where internal opposition arises to prevent you from possessing. This is why it is critical to remove yourself from toxic individuals and environments where you are not free to thrive.

3 forms of mental blocks that will prevent you from starting:
1) Resistance-defined as fighting against change. You know what needs to be done but you are unwilling to do the work necessary to shift your life.

2) Avoidance-defined as withdrawing from something. This is very common in women as we tend to allow our emotions to dictate our behavior. What does this look like? Hiding under the covers or like the ostrich burying your head in the sand. You cannot conquer what you refuse to confront.

3) Dissonance-defined as lack of harmony or agreement, inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs. How this shows up is when you say you want to write a book but you don’t believe you are smart enough to accomplish this goal.
What are you willing to change today that will impact tomorrow? It takes heart to start now, to start over, and to start something beautiful. Let it begin with you.

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