There are days when I find myself completely out of alignment due to the demands of life and I press the pause button. For many years I was subjected to toxic work environments and the chronic stress would often result in hives all over my body. When I sense anxiety being triggered, I take time to breathe deeply.

“Your breathing is your great friend, return to it and in all your troubles you will find comfort and guidance.”-unknown

When I sit in silence reviewing my vision boards that lists my daily disciplines: physical fitness activity, quality time with husband, meditation/prayer, reading/writing, investing in others, self-care, speaking affirmations and healthy eating. Immediately, I am able to identify one of the reasons I am feeling internally imbalanced. A fulfilled life is the direct result of nurturing all that fulfills our souls from the inside.

Ask yourself this question every morning, “How can I celebrate the wonderful gift each moment will bring?”

Wake with the intention to WIN and make the rest of your days the BEST of your days!

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