Versatility is a distinguishing mark of Kristie’s insightful business acumen. The most suitable opportunities for viable consideration are those directly aligned with her core beliefs, passion and expertise: women’s empowerment, leadership development, image enhancement, life transition coaching and entrepreneurship.

For your next event, choose a Woman with Wit, Wisdom and a Wealth of Knowledge. Make an intelligent decision and experience the synergy of a connecting with a KENNEDY! Book Now!

The intelligent leader has mastered mind over matter, equipped with the intellectual capacity to produce results in the most chaotic conditions.

The intelligent leader is designed to last, structured with a hard drive to succeed where many fail to keep pace because they expressively progress to fast. The intelligent leader is creative in crisis, a pioneer unafraid to delve into unchartered territories where most hidden treasures are buried. The intelligent leader thrives off ingenuity, spontaneity and is marked by a strong sense of individuality to avoid becoming a carbon copy of someone else’s reality.

  • Conferences (Business and Women)
  • Community Outreach
  • Corporate Events
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Christian Organizations
  • Civic Engagements


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Joanna R. Finney
Principal, 1126 Talent
Phone: 615-290-5894

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