Kristie Kennedy

It’s Time to Make Big Happen!

Mega Money Manifesto

The power to manifest money is largely influenced and impacted by your internal beliefs. Your life is a reflection of your most dominant thoughts. It's time to elevate to great.

Wellness for Workaholics

What is this? I could not for the life of me figure out where this excruciating pain was coming from. It was unfamiliar.


Imagine the clarity in knowing exactly who you are, where to focus your energy right now and how to mentally prepare for what’s next.

Kudos From My Clients

Publisher Of Purpose Driven Women

Purpose Driven Women Magazine recently had Kristie Kennedy as a hostess and psalmist at our first annual women’s conference. Kristie’s vibrant hosting style ushered everyone in attendance into an atmosphere of sheer excitement. Our guest were uplifted by her illuminating personality, encouraged by her transparency, and blessed by her anointed vocals. We couldn’t have hired a better hostess!

Kimi Johnson

Kristie’s help and advice rejuvenated my business!

Kristie Kennedy is a Master Momentum Life Coach. Through her coaching she has insight that exposes the blind side that keeps individuals stuck. She can see deep within and pull out the very thing individuals will need to move forward in life. She uses Wisdom and practical examples that fit your situation like a glove. If you feel stuck in an area and need coaching to get un-stuck and began moving in the right direction, she’s your go-to Life Coach.!!!

Montriel Alls

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